Smart Classes

In 2011 we met the need to supplement textbook education with technology-assisted education by installing five smart classrooms, used by every class and subject, on an as-needed basis. The software seamlessly integrates textbook information with demonstrational videos, diagrams, and problem sets.

Computer Lab

Our computer lab was gifted by a generous donor in Gujrat in 2013, enabling us to equip our students with necessary skills for post-secondary education. Working with Anish Mangal, we installed a server database containing educational tools such as Khan Academy, TED Talks, Wikipedia, and many more.

Science Labs

In 2013, HEF filled our science lab with equipment to assist in hands-on learning of physics, chemistry, biology, and mathematics.

Music Program

We offer our students opportunities to learn guitar, electric guitar, synthesizer, tabla, congo, drum pad, harmoniam, and flute.


HEF donated this library space in 2012. The gift transformed our school's ability to foster a true scholarly atmosphere, and a place of focus for study hall hours.

Dance and Cultural Celebrations

Celebrations are the heart and soul of HIC. They keep our traditions alive and foster a well rounded education outside of studies.


Students at HIC may join our award winning competitive martial arts team, volleyball team, and cricket team. In addition, we offer badminton, football, table tennis, lacrosse, kabaddi, and kho-kho.

Feild Trips

At HIC, we love to explore. We have gone on field trips to Bageshwar, Baijnath, Raniket, Tihiri, Karnprayag, Rudprayag, Srinagr, Nainital, Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Mumbai, Goa, Varodra, and Ahmadabad.


Dublin School in New Hampshire donated this telescope to our school in 2013. On clear nights, our students learn how to find constellations, planets and galaxies.


In tradition with Gurukul (Teacher's Home), we offer hostel accommodations for over 80 of our students who do not live close enough for a daily commute, providing maximum access to all of our facilities.