Himalaya Inter College facilitates a range of programs from scholarships to a dairy project.  Our programs are funded in part through the Himalayan Education Foundation, as we work in partnership to develop programs that fit the needs of our students and community. 


Over 200 students of the Pithorgar region, who otherwise would have had limited educational options, are given access to high quality education through the scholarship program supported by HEF, government funds, and HIC funds. Learn more here.

Computer Literacy

We provide computer literacy classes to members of the local knitting cooperative, Himalayan Naari, as a part of their business competency curriculum.

Dairy Farm

Our farm is a pride of our school. With research, patience, and open minds, we were able to meet the dietary needs of our hostel students by creating a dairy farm on campus.  Learn more about our future plans for our farm here.

Competitive Coaching

To continue challenging and equipping the sharpest minds of our school, we implemented the Competitive Coaching project to prepare students for highly competitive secondary school entrance exams in the fields of engineering, medicine, and business.

Outdoor Education

Classes 8 - 12 participate in annual outdoor adventures including camping, rock climbing, river rafting, canoeing, kayaking, paragliding, and trekking.

Education Tour

Each class participates in an annual excursion around our village, our state, and even India as an increasing exposure to the world, inspiring possibilities for student's futures.

Community Empowerment

Our long term vision is to increase income opportunities within Chaukori, promoting the future livelihood of our students by creating a sustainable model community. Learn more here.