Chandar Singh Karki, Founder

Education in the Chaukori region would not exist as it is today in the if it were not for Chandar Karki. Growing up near Chaukori, he saw the need for high quality education in the rural areas and believed in all children's ability to achieve greatness. As a teacher committed to this belief, he poured his heart and life savings into creating HIC. 

Devbala Bisht, Principal (B.Ed, M.A.)

Equipped with an innate passion and enthusiasm for educating children, Devbala became the first teacher and principal of the school in 1999. It is her commitment to education and belief in the students that has enabled HIC's academic success year after year. 

Prakash Karki, Manager

(B.Com., B.Ed, M.A. & MLIS)
Prakash is the school's visionary leader. He joined HIC in 2003 and immediately increased the school's capacity with technology integration. He never stops exploring new ways to bring more opportunities for the students, and to champion the future of the community.

Bhupendra Singh Papola, V. Principal

Bhupendra began HIC with Devbala as one of two teachers in 1999. He has never lost faith in our mission, and has dedicated his whole life to the school. It is because of his hard work, HIC has a good atmosphere and a strong relationship and faith with the  community.